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Sarah Cornett

Founder of SC Innovate

AI Consultant with 10 years of experience in data modeling and technology with expertise in AI software.


Sarah Cornett is the founder and CEO of SC Innovate, which provides AI consulting services to help clients with every aspect of their AI journey. The company's services include AI education to simplify complex AI topics for business leaders, AI strategy workshops to develop customized AI strategies to maximize ROI on AI solutions, and AI implementation of AI solutions. Sarah is passionate about AI and is committed to helping her clients benefit from AI solutions.


Sarah has firsthand experience with the complications that arise during the delivery of AI solutions. Obstacles like poor use case definition and data limitations can all impede a company's progress in implementing an AI solution. Realizing the need for a better approach to strategically implement such solutions, she founded SC Innovate. Her company utilizes her AI Strategy Development methodology to set companies up for success when implementing AI solutions.


While SC Innovate is tech agnostic, Sarah holds certifications from Marketing CRM systems HubSpot, Pegasystems, and Salesforce. Sarah is also experienced with AI cloud computing programs like AWS, and IBM Watson. Sarah is also certified in Design Thinking for Innovation.  


Sarah has 10+ years of experience in data and technology with expertise in delivering AI software. Sarah has previously held positions across Product Ownership, Product Management, and Software Delivery Management within the Banking and Technology industries. Her responsibilities included leading a team of developers to migrate machine learning AI software to AWS, deliver Pegasystems Customer Decision Hub to support enterprise business use cases, oversee all AI software delivery, develop product roadmaps, and lead design thinking sessions with business stakeholders to develop new product use cases. 


Sarah decided to align her career towards embracing AI solutions while working as a Senior Quantitative Analyst by witnessing the power of harnessing AI solutions for data modeling.


​Sarah previously worked in the banking industry as a Data Analyst and later as a Senior Quantitative Analyst supporting the Treasury department. Her responsibilities included extracting and analyzing transactional level data, developing new financial models, tuning or enhancing existing financial models, quantitative risk management, and safeguarded financial models met CCAR and DFAST economic scenario regulations. Sarah also served as a Product Owner supporting in various projects including FTP process improvements and the QRM upgrade project. 


To summarize her experience, Sarah has previously held positions across Data Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Product Ownership, Product Management, and Software Delivery Management within the Banking and Technology industries. 


Sarah holds an MA in Economics from Clemson University and BS in International Business from Auburn University. Leveraging her educational background, Sarah has a wealth of expertise in data analysis, data visualization, statistical analysis, quantitative analysis, data modeling, cost-benefit analysis, financial modeling, econometric modeling, economic analysis, economic research, international economics, and economic development.


Sarah resides in Davidson, NC and loves giving back to her community.  She has previously held board positions across the Global Chamber of Charlotte, World Affairs Council of Charlotte, and with the Town of Davidson. 

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