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SC Innovate uses an AI strategy development framework to support clients from ideation to implementation of AI software. 

AI Strategy Framework



AI Education

AI Education services to break down complex AI topics for business leaders. Speaking engagements include keynote, featured speaker, panelist, webinar, workshop, podcast guest, etc. Example of AI topics:​

  • AI Overview

  • AI Capabilities

  • AI Marketplace

  • Business use cases

  • Product demos

  • AI Strategy Development Overview

AI Strategy

AI Strategy workshops to create custom AI strategies to maximize ROI on AI solutions. Includes a custom implementation plan for your team to successfully implement your AI solution. Workshop includes: 

  • Intake Questionnaire

  • Strategic Objectives Discussion

  • Define Business Use Cases

  • Present findings and implementation plan

AI Implementation

AI Implementation includes leading the implementation of your AI solution. Can include a proof of concept to ease into solution adoption. Tech agnostic with experience in delivering the following solutions:

Cloud Computing: 

  • AWS

  • IBM Watson

Marketing CRM

  • HubSpot

  • Pegasystems

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Online Course

C-Suite Playbook for Adopting AI

SC Innovate has developed an online course that serves as a guide for business leaders to successfully implement AI in their businesses.

What will you get out of this course?

  • How to create a successful AI Strategy to meet business goals

  • A high-level understanding of AI and its capabilities

  • Case studies to consider for your industry

  • Aligning strategic objectives to embrace AI and innovation

  • Defining use cases that solve specific business problems and deliver maximum business value

  • Choosing the right AI Technology for your use case and implementation best practices

  • Governance and management best practices and measuring success from your AI solution


Upon course completion, you will receive a Playbook to incorporate these learnings into your own business

Don't miss this opportunity to lead your organization into the AI-driven future!

Jermeale, NY

Just Your Broker, INC. 

“Sarah presented at our networking event to explain to us how AI can work successfully in our business.  She was very professional.  She showed up on time and answered questions that we had.  I would love to keep up with her and most definitely intend to use more AI in the future.  Thanks, Sarah."
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